Friday, 22 April 2016

Recycling first day covers into greeting cards

Recycling first day covers into greeting cards.

First collect first day covers,

which I was doing in the early 1980's

Get them out and decide to make something unique with them,
 but not damage or depreciate their value in any way.
Now there was the question.
I believe I have come up with a way that I does both.
These beautiful memory capsules are presented,
 but in no way altered or damaged.
Framed and protected in a card,
easily removed and put into an album if wanted.
For many or the commemorative envelopes I have a variety of postmarks.
This particular first day cover was issued for the XIII International Botanical Congress on 24th August 1981
So many postmarks to choose from

 I made the inside of the card to follow the botanical theme.
The marriage of
Prince Charles & Lady Dianna Spencer.
I can still remember her wedding gown and tragically her death.
"The Peoples Princess"
she will always be remembered with love. 

This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first official air mail between Australia and UK in 1931.
This has been carried from UK to Australia.
There is a choice of 2 Australian postmarks Maylands WA or Melbourne Vic
I have also shown the back of the cover which has details and 2 other postmarks
Choice of postmarks
 the envelope without a stamp or postmark

Ned Kelly never to be forgotten as one of our most infamous bushrangers.
This card was issued to commemorate the Kelly Gang siege of Glenrowan

This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of 1st Official mail from
Australia & New Zealand 

 Australia &New Guinea.

Where would we be without Museums.

This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the International Museum Day 18th May 1980.
I do have the same envelope with different postmarks please see photo#2 if you would prefer one of the other postmarks please message me.
I also have the envelope without any postmark.

This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the gold rush era in Victoria.
Post marked 20th May 1981

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch of the British Isles.

This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in 1980
It is postmarked 21st April 1980

This particular first day cover was issued for Sydpex 80 for the Queensland Philatelic Exhibition in Brisbane and is postmarked 29 SEP 1980


This particular first day cover was issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sir Francis Chichester's flight across the Tasman.
Postmarked 23rd March 1981

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Recycled paper and books.



Recycling old paper

A paper trail going in ever decreasing circles.

I have always had a love of books, of the printed word, I suppose it started when I was at school and could never get enough books to read. the local library was like a second home to me.
I never really thought about what happened to books when they got "Old"
When you're young you don't think of old at least I don't think I did, for me old was the lovely old lady on my way to school that had the most fantastic roses growing in her front garden.
Anyway back to books or more precisely the pages, and the paper they are made of.
Paper has to be one of the easiest things to recycle and also the most wasted.
I started recycling paper many years ago making my handmade paper from old letters, junk mail even cardboard.
There is something relaxing about taking something old and normally thrown away and turning it into something new and usable. 

I had many disasters, many sheets that were only fit for being recycled back into the mix themselves, but I always liked the feel of paper that is handmade and knowing I had given it a new lease on life for a while.
It is only recently that I could bring myself to dismantle a book take out the pages and use them for something other than reading.
Dictionary pages have endless possibilities, they make for some very interesting reading as a background on a card. 

Now I am making cards and journals using pages from dictionaries and sheet music.
Old, removed from their covers but definitely not wasted.
They have a lovely aged colour and feel, a history like old coins, if only they could tell of who read them, who wanted them and where they have been.
Not even wasting the covers, these are getting a new lease as well, as revamped covers for journals.
I like to think I am giving old, often neglected books a new lease on life, a new purpose.
Yes I trim edges off, but no they are not wasted they go in my stash to be pulped into new paper. 
I love old sheet music it just cries out to be made wanted again, to be given that new lease on life.
Whenever I get the opportunity to get some sheets I grab them with both hands.
Not knowing what they will become but knowing that not a square inch will be wasted.
I think the music gives a wonderful lightness to a card, making it almost sing.
Dictionary pages and sheet music are perfect for Steampunk themed cards.
I often get books that have such interesting pages that they have to be seen as they are for themselves, these I carefully remove they make great prints for framing.