Thursday, 31 December 2015

Steampunk Journals

Steampunk Journals

A new direction.

I am always looking for something new and interesting to try, and have always admired the beautiful Steampunk journals I have seen.
So I have decided to start making some myself for selling through my DragonzWench Emporium shop on Etsy.
Many hours of watching YouTube videos and looking at photos and now this new, and incredibly interesting journey has begun.
My first journal has started life as an old dictionary, that I have dismantled, covered, textured, and embellished to give it a real Steampunk look and feel.
Then came the choosing of a theme and making of the pages.
As I had some beautifully aged sheet music in my stash I decided on a music theme.
 An old Readers Digest dictionary getting ready for a whole new life.   
The pages will possibly become part on another journal and some Steampunk cards, but for now have been put aside for later use.   
Dismantled and starting to add some texture.
My first attempt at adding textures to make designs.
I am so enjoying myself, love trying and learning new things.
More texture and some old lace and first layer of colour added.
Now to line the inside covers before adding the signatures.
I chose this cardstock print because I felt it added just the right amount of aged look. 
While waiting for the cover treatments to dry, it was time to plan the pages.
I didn't want them to be plain, I wanted them to tell their own story as well, to be interesting, to be out of the ordinary.
Many torn edges, adding of embellishments, stamping of designs and much colouring of edges later and I am happy with the look I have created.

Adding cogs, lots of cogs.

I settled on using the sheet music as the outer pages of each signature, and decided to add some  plain art paper, (after texturing the edges of course), more almost clear space for notes or as a frame for a photo of that latest adventure.

I added pockets to some pages so photos, notes, business cards etc. could be collected

A typical spread of pages, although no two signatures are the same.

Notelets waiting for that all important note to be recorded.

Some stamping, where would a Steampunk traveller be without his globe, and pocket watch.

Plenty of pockets.

Another signature selection completed.


The finished back cover 
The selection of notelets,
waiting to be put in their selected pockets of given away as unique contact details cards 
The finished journal, many hours of learning but now completed.
Back and front views. 





 The Front cover




Waiting for a new home. 

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