Saturday, 26 December 2015

Coffee cosies and Book covers


Coffee cosies and Book covers.

I recently went back to my sewing days and started making coffee plunger cosies and book covers.

It all came about when I washed the cosy I have on my plunger and thought it about time I made a new one as my original is about 10 years old.
So off to the sewing room to make a new one, when I thought maybe I could sell them, so instead of making one I made several all different colours and then of course I had to paint designs on them which meant making stencils and instead of having a new cosy on my plunger in time for lunch, I had to wait until this creative urge had run it's distance for a while.
Choosing fabrics was important as they had to be hard wearing, washable and of course keep the coffee hot.
I have a lovely linen with a simple leaf design that I just painted over the leaves.
I chose three colours, but really I can paint them to almost any colour.
Then I got out my beautiful synthetic suede fabrics and these I stencilled designs on.

 I started out with some simple flower designs.
 adding a little embroidery for finish.
Then where would a coffee cosy be without the word "Coffee" on it.
So another stencil made and colours chosen.

Another lovely linen and another stencil.
I love dragonflies and thought, well so do many other people so dragonflies got invited to join the party as well. 
 I love making Steampunk themed jewellery and in general love the concept of Steampunk and all that goes with it, especially some of the beautiful fashions.
So of course another stencil and my Steampunk cogs came to life.
Then I am in Australia so had to make something to represent our beautiful outback.
I have some thermal cloth that works well for lining and then used acrylic batting as the middle layer.
My original had Velcro tabs which always worked well so I stayed with Velcro for the closures.
I have many more designs and colour schemes planned but first I had to use my stencils for more than cosies so Book covers came to mind.

Well the book covers happened but oh dear, had to make different designs.
Which of course meant more stencils as I needed different sizes and orientation for books as against long rectangular designs for cosies.
I did make a few with my lovely leaf design fabric, painting the same colours as the cosies. 
Hanging on the wall I have 2 papyrus prints, Tutankhamen and Nefertiti.
 I thought the cartouche would make a nice design, so that became my first book cover stencil. 
Then books are all around the world so why not a globe, and yet another stencil was created.
I made all these to fit a standard A4 diary, but not everyone has A4 diaries.
 I now offer covers to suit any size book

So many, many days later I had a selection of cosies and book covers for my DragonzWenchEmporium shop on Etsy.
Thank you for reading my ramblings about my cosies and book covers.
Please leave a comment if you wish and join my mailing list as I am always branching off  in different directions.

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