Monday, 21 September 2015

DragonzWench Quality, presentation, service and personalization.

Finding new ways,
 of giving my customers the best I can.
Because they deserve it.

 New ideas

New Designs

New packaging

New looks.


How I finish my work and quality control.
This is a very important topic and there are so many similar methods of making sure jewellery is well made and will last!
Everything from wearing the jewellery ourselves to getting friends to wear it.
I will often wear a piece to check for snags,
 how it hangs and feels,
 and generally to see if I am happy with everything to do with the piece.
 I of course ask my husband for his critical opinion as well, as he sees it from a different perspective from how I see it.
As jewellery is worn it gets dirty just like our clothes,
in fact quite often more so as it collects particles of make-up, dust and sweat,
 so for me being able to easily clean jewellery is very important.
 All my pieces can be washed with warm soapy water,
(which I do after test wearing)
And then dried thoroughly either in the sun or with a hairdryer.

Packaging and Presentation.
As I am no longer able to attend markets as often as I would like,
I rely on Etsy for most my sales, so for me how my customer feels when they receive their order and open their parcel is very important, and I want this to be a pleasant experience for them,
 almost as if they are receiving a gift.
Understandably many people are hesitant about buying online and with good reason, but I want my customers to feel happy that they trusted me to do the right thing, that they receive what they are expecting to receive and then a little extra, even if it is only the nice packaging.
I bought myself an embossing machine with assorted embossing folders & cutters also some lovely punches. These have been utilised already and I believe a better presentation has resulted.
Depending on the item it will either be attached to a handmade card or placed in a padded box and then it is wrapped in tissue paper.
I always includes a hand written thank you note & business card in an envelope with every order posted out.
I offer hand made & feel it is important to include a personal hand written message, that is addressed to my customer by name thanking them for their purchase.
I also offer to gift wrap and include a hand written gift card with personalised message for those wishing to save time and money with postal charges, by having me post direct to the recipient.
This makes perfect sense to me, and I am happy to say I have done this several times.
Shipping Costs
Unfortunately these are out of my control,
I package where possible for the lowest postal charges, this will often mean I will present the item on a handmade card instead of a box, as this reduces the cost of posting by more than 50%
I do have to post some items in boxes for protection while in transit or just because of the shape. 
Every item is posted in a padded post bag regardless of how it is presented.
Chokers and Cameos.
My range of chokers is growing and ideas are flowing thick and fast along with so many other ideas. 
I am presenting everything on 2 styles of chokers.
          Basic velvet ribbon
          Velvet ribbon with lace
Most of my pieces are very adaptable/changeable to suit how the wearer wants to wear them on the occasion and also for ease of cleaning.
The embellishments/jewellery parts are easily removed for ease of washing the choker.
The jewellery parts can even be worn as brooches on a garment and not the choker.
                       I have achieved this by attaching brooch backs to each part.
I am also working on a Steampunk line with cameos, cogs, keys, watches etc that will be on the most incredibly soft Italian goat skin leather chokers.

I like to offer more than one style of earring as every customer has different preferences and also they may wish to purchase the second pair for a different look.

Also earrings are always wanted.

I offer my earrings on 2 styles of hooks,
 and as clip-ons.

I always offer a reduced price if my customer purchases as a set.


Thank you for reading my blog, all comments are most appreciated.

Bangles and Bracelets

I love making these simple bracelets, this one has lovely crystal cut amethyst beads teamed with copper beads.
 I combined these emerald green and gold crackle beads with simple gold coloured spacer beads and clear green bi-cones.
The little butterfly seems happy enough to just hang in there.
I also have the crackle beads in brown and silver.
Memory wire can be finished in so many ways, as a wrap around multi coil or as individual coils joined into multiple layers.

These little hearts were all just plain, no design
not making any sort of statement, 
so I had to give them some texture and highlights, and now they are so very different.
I teamed them up with some cherry red glass pearls on an antique chain and now I'm happy.
This bracelet has lots of jingle when worn.
Would be great for a
"Steampunk Christmas"

I made this watch using two rounds of memory wire holding square filigree with butterflies attached.
I painted the butterflies and matched glass pearls for a very antique look.