Saturday, 2 May 2015

DragonzWench Emporium. Mini Steampunk Top hats. Cosplay mini hats.

DragonzWench Emporium opening May 1st 2015

The time has come for opening my new shop on Etsy.

I have been planning to expand for some time and now slowly it is happening!


 My new shop is DragonzWench Emporium,

 and through this shop I will be selling non jewellery items.


Hats and More Hats are planned,
 every one hand made from a wide variety of fabric with a selection of different trims.
Also fascinators, lovely fancy fascinators.


How does jewellery lead into my hats you may ask.

Well I will be featuring my hand made cameos, assorted filigree pieces,  
as well as my latest fun item Feathers.
Now these are proving a challenge I did not expect,
 they don't always sit the way I want them to!!!
Anyway back to the hats.
I have made patterns for a few styles, but to date only working on one style.
All my hats are stiffened with fusible interlining and hand sewn.
I have seen many hats for sale where they are stiffened with card stock and glued, shock horror I could never do that.
I don't trust glue for one thing and secondly it just wouldn't feel right to make a hat with paper and glue.
Having made that last statement I must admit I am playing with the idea of making hats with recycled sheet music, I am still working on the finer details for these at present but they will happen.
I will also have Bags,
Leather bags made from the softest of Italian goat skin leather,
 pouches and purses with drawstrings.
Again so many styles in my head waiting to become an actuality.
I have some lovely perforated leather pieces that will become ever so soft scarves,
Of course there will be chokers & Cravats,
 made with the same beautifully soft leather.
So please join me on my journey, into the worlds of
Bags and Millinery,
 Leather and Lace,
 Feathers and Fancy trims.