Friday, 2 January 2015

Old Coins & Steampunk

I can't remember how I started working with old coins but they just make me want to do something with them, and I am exploring ways of combining them into Steampunk themed jewellery.
Australia didn't have it's own currency until 1910/1911 so prior to then everything is British.
I really love the late 1800's with Queen Victoria as the monarch, and these I feel really suit the steampunk idea especially as one description of steampunk that I have is "Victorian Science fiction"
I was only using filigree and keys but now I am combining cogs and watch parts.
Steampunk has really caught my imagination and I hope it becomes more popular as I am seeing more young people getting involved and starting to dress better, get involved in outdoor non violent activities, and start to live adventurous lives.
Not only steampunk but Renaissance, pirates, medieval to name a few are becoming popular as we are starting to explore "fun" activities again instead of sitting inside and wondering what to do with ourselves.
I have the great pleasure to know a young chap that loves his Steampunk and dresses so at every opportunity.  I also have a great Facebook friend that is a mermaid entertainer.
I feel better about our future as we start living and enjoying ourselves. 

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